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About the band ...

The group, Signal room, was formed during the filming of the cult science fiction television series “Farscape”. Actor, Anthony Simcoe(Steve- “ideas man ”Kerrigan of “The Castle”),one of the lead cast members of the series and Guitarist Stephen Edwards started working on Simcoe’s songs mid 2001. They were later joined by another lead actor from Farscape, Wayne Pygram on drums. Bass guitarist Gerry Kortegast, (Roadside prophets, Vindaloonies),completed the line up.

Not long after the group had started work on material for a live set, Farscape fans invited the band to play in the United States.In 2002 the group played in L.A. and sold out of a short run of demo EP’s recorded prior to the trip. After the success of this trip the band became the topic of fan web sites and as the show has a cult following in the U.S. and Europe, it wasn’t long before Signal room had it’s own fan base. The group was invited to play in the U.S. again so after working on new material and recording a new EP the band returned to play gigs in Los Angeles and New York during November 2004.

For the 2004 EP, the band had the good fortune to enlist the talents of Producer / Engineer Tim Whitten (Powderfinger, 78 Saab , Hoodo Gurus & The Church ) to produce these six tunes.

In 2006 the band returned to play in the US   prior to this trip recorded the EP "Down" with Shane Fahey Engineering & Producing at Megaphon Studios.

Their first release, the self-title Number 96, was only available at certain conventions attended by Anthony and Wayne. It has since sold out and is currently unavailable. The second, "Signal Room EP" as well as the third, "Down EP" that are currently available via iTunes.

Signal room is a rock band with eclectic influences resulting in a sound ranging from hard edge to pure guitar pop.

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